Thursday, 19 January 2017

Enable POP to Backup Your Gmail Account with Gmail Support@1-877-776-6261 Number

Your Gmail account carries a lot of information for you like your bank statements, passwords, university grades, reports and lots more. It’s completely possible that any of your information gets wiped out from over there. Thousands of Gmail users are experiencing the same issue so it may trouble you also. If you are threatened about your account information safety then you should download your entire data to your hard drive so as to keep it safe. You can take detailed assistance from Gmail Support on the topic as the experts can guide you better.

There are many ways to download a copy of your data; you can choose any of them. You can use any of the apps available in the market for the purpose or you can download and install any Google extension to backup your data. Here, you will be provided with two of the most effective methods to do that. Go through the below description to learn them.


You can enable POP to sync your account to your hard drive. Once you do so, all of the mails you receive will automatically be downloaded to your hard drive. You can easily enable the feature in your account with just some clicks. Have a look at the steps below to perform the operation on your own.

  • Begin by logging into your account.
  • Click on the little gear icon at the top right corner of the page. It can be found on any page on    your account.
  • Open ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Mail Settings’ from the list.
  • Look for the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab.
  • Click ‘Enable POP for all Mail’.
  • Click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom.
  • After you perform the operation and account is synced, you have to periodically check your account and backup your data.

If you find any difficulty or problem in any step of the above operation then immediately call Gmail Tech Support Number and ask for help.


There are various third-party assistance providers in the market to help you on any topic regarding Gmail. You can take assistance from the experts anytime as they serve their customers for 24 hours. Take expert help is the best option because you can even get tips and hacks to enhance the performance of your account. Choose Gmail Technical Support to quench your thirst.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Turn Mobile Notifications On or Off With Gmail Helpline@1-877-776-6261 Number

Are you using Gmail on your phone? Well, it always feels great to carry your Gmail account always with you, in your hands. It allows you to receive E-mails urgently and respond to them accordingly. Because of the ease of its services, Gmail has managed its position among the top free web mail service providers in the market.
You can toggle off your Gmail mobile notification function easily if you feel irritated with your continuously ringing mobile notification tone. Take help from Gmail Helpline for the issue as the experts can guide you better. 

You can also learn the step by step procedure by going through the below maneuver.
On Your Android Mobile
µ      Tap the Gmail app on your mobile to open it.
µ      Hit the settings icon and choose ‘Settings’.
µ      Select your Gmail account to continue.
    Check the box next to notifications to ‘Turn ON’ the notifications.
    Uncheck the box to ‘Turn OFF’ notifications.
µ      Check the notifications box and go to ‘Inbox Sound & Vibrate’.
µ      Choose your notification settings accordingly and tap ‘Save’.
µ      If you are still unable to get notifications on your mobile, make sure your account is synced to your device.
On Your Apple Device
µ      Tap to open the Gmail app.
µ      Find the ‘Settings’ icon at the top.
µ      Scroll through the bottom to find ‘Settings’.
µ      Choose your account by tapping on it.
µ      Get to the ‘Notifications’ section and select your choices.
µ      ‘Save’ the settings you made to finalize.

If you face any problem in any step of the operation, you can contact Gmail Help and ask the experts.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Mute and Un-Mute Gmail Messages with Gmail Customer Support@1-877-776-6261 Number

If you are annoyed with irrelevant emails from a person or group then you don’t have to tolerate all the time you can block the irritating person or the group to stop getting mails from that particular. Alternately, you can mute the person or group. In that case, you won’t get notified for the mail and you will continue receiving the mails. You can read and respond to all of them later and you don’t have to block the person. This will put a stop to the distractions and you can enjoy Gmail better. Gmail Support can provide you unlimited help on the topic, give them a call and get the required assistance in a jiffy.

Muting is actually ignoring. To mute a conversation, select it and hit ‘Shift+M’. You can do the same by hitting the little drop action at the right top corner of the mail and from the drop list, choose ‘Mute’. The conversation you Mute are shifted from your inbox Primary tab. In case you want to un-mute a muted conversation or you have muted a mail accidently then you are allowed to undo your action easily.
To un-mute a conversation, go to the Archive folder and drag the desired mail back to your inbox’s Primary tab. This will un-mute the conversation and you will resume getting notified for the messages.
In case you face any problem or you require expert guidance for the purpose, dial Gmail Customer Support Number and ask the experts.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Identify and Avoid Spam with the Help of Gmail Tech Support@1-877-776-6261 Number

Account security is the most common issue among the Gmail users. Hacking activities everyday can trouble you if you are not aware or secure against them. You should have expert guidance with you to tackle these kinds of possible threats. You can take assistance from the technicians at Gmail Tech Support and enjoy a hassle free Gmail experience.

To stay secured against hacking issues, you should learn and be careful with spam mails. Spam mails are sent by hackers to steal some personal information from your account or track your account. You can use some of the safety measures offered by Gmail to dodge spam. Go through the following points to understand better.
  • ·         Make sure you always receive E-mails from a trusted sender.
  • ·         Check the Sender details and make sure the email address of the sender is mentioned.
  • ·         Never open or react to any suspicious mail.
  • ·         If you see a question mark next to the sender’s name then the mail is not sent by a trusted contact. Don’t respond to such mails.
  • ·         Not all unauthenticated mails are necessarily Spam. You can check the senders detail if you suspect.
  • ·         Click the down arrow below the sender name and check the sender’s details.
  • ·         Don’t download any attachment from any suspicious Email.

By following these security measures you can enhance your account security. If you need more and detailed help, you can dial Gmail Support Number  and ask the experts.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Learn To Delete Individual As Well As Multiple Messages with Gmail Support@1-877-776-6261 Number

To manage space on your Gmail account, you should delete old and irrelevant messages time to time. You should delete Spam and trash as well to free up some disk space. The social and promotional messages are received on separate folders so remember to delete them too. You need not to worry if you have deleted any important message because Gmail allows you to recover any deleted mail as well. You can dial Gmail Tech Support anytime to get help on this topic from the expert professionals.

If you want to manage some space on your account, you can delete your messages in two ways:
Deleting Individual Messages To delete messages individually follow these steps.
  • ·         Login your account and get to your inbox.
  • ·         Use the search box to search the message you want.
  • ·         On the left of the mail, click the check box or open the message.
  • ·         Click the bin icon at the top to move the mail to trash.
  • ·         If you want to delete a single mail to trash, choose the message from the thread and click the drop icon next to it.
  • ·         Choose ‘Delete This Message’ to delete the particular message.

Deleting Multiple Messages Go through these steps one by one.
  • ·         Click the check box, located left to the message to select messages.
  • ·         Click the bin icon to delete the selected mails.
  • ·         To delete all mails together, select ‘All’ and delete all at once.

Contact Gmail Technical Support anytime you face a problem and the help will be delivered to you immediately.

Get Gmail Help@1-877-776-6261 Number to Recover Your Gmail Messages from Trash

When you get to your inbox, you see only the folder that contains your primary messages. The subfolders in your inbox also contain mails for you. Like your social tab, promotion tab, Spam folder and Trash folder. The trash folder contains the mails you delete. These mails are kept here for 30 days and then they are removed permanently. This Gmail feature allows you to recover your deleted mails if required. You can take details from the professionals by giving a call at Gmail Help Number.
There are two ways to recover a deleted mail.

          1.         Immediate Undo Method:
¨       When you delete a message, you see a flash message on the top of the message saying ‘Undo Delete’.
¨       Click ‘Undo’ to recover the message immediately.
¨       This feature is available for a very limited time. Once the flash message is gone, your time runs out. You can increase and decrease the timing of this message according to your choice.
          2.         Trash Recover Method:
¨       If you have deleted the message earlier then it can’t be undone directly. Go to the trash folder by clicking the link at the left menu. Now search for the mail you want to recover.
¨       Click ‘Move’ next to the mail and choose where to move that mail.

If you find any difficulty in any of the above mentioned step, you can dial Gmail Helpline Number and the expert professionals will provide you a guided maneuver.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Boost Up Gmail by Deleting Cookies with the Help of Gmail Support @1-877-776-6261 Number

Cookies are the files created by your web browser to save your site preferences and other surfing information. Cookies occupy a little space on your hard disk but sometimes you might find that they weaken up the speed of your Gmail browsing. To boost up your Gmail, you should clear cookies from your memory. It will free-up some space on your memory and will help you to boost up the speed of your Gmail. For detailed help, you can contact the experts by giving a call at toll-free Gmail Support Number anytime.

To clear specific or all cookies from your browser, you have to follow these simple steps:
·         On your computer system, open the web browser that you use to surf Gmail. For example, Google Chrome.
·         On the top right corner, click ‘More’.
·         Click to open ‘Settings’ from the list.
·         Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Show advanced settings’.
·         Now, go to the ‘Privacy’ section and click ‘Content Settings’.
·         Go to the ‘cookies’ section and click ‘All cookies and site data’.
·         Click ‘Remove All’ to clear all cookies.
·         You can also remove cookies that are created during a specific period of time.
·         To delete specific cookies, point the desired site and tap ‘Close’ next to it.
Deleting specific cookies and clearing entire cookies will help speed up your browser. If you want further help on the topic, you can consider taking help from the professionals at Gmail Technical Support Number.