Friday, 3 February 2017

Come To Gmail Customer Care for Quality Assistance

If you’re a Gmail user and you are facing any technical problems with your Gmail account, then it is recommended for you to avail Gmail Customer Care service to resolve the entire host of your problems in a jiffy. Here, you’ll be rendered with effective treatment for your problematic Gmail account. Gmail help service is one of the best remedies you can avail to bid a goodbye to your problems. 

Choose Gmail Customer Care for these reasons:
ü  We help you to create Gmail account page with utmost security.
ü  We help you getting back your hacked Gmail account
ü  We help you to keep your account safe against cyber crimes.
ü  We deeply diagnose the issues encountered by you, during the course of using Gmail account.
ü  We help you in creating hack-proof Gmail password.
ü  We completely weed out your login problems.
ü  We help you to reset your Gmail password at a lightning fast speed.
ü  We unblock your Gmail account without losing your account data.
ü  We are available all the time to let you know how to use Gmail in an error-free manner. 
To sort out any of your technical problems concerning to your Gmail account, you are advised to call at our toll-free Gmail Help Phone Number instantly. Advanced troubleshooting tools, proficient technical team, and toll-free calling facility makes us capable of rendering a quality support service to the customers. Don’t wander! Just pick up your cell phone and dial our helpline to get your problems fixed.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Revert To Old Chat with the Help of Gmail Tech Support

Google Hangouts is a platform where you can chat with your Gmail friends easily and even make voice and video call to them. It is an upgraded version of the older chat allowed by Gmail. With Hangouts, you can send images, videos, animations and emoticons with your text to make it more meaningful. You can easily access Hangouts contacts by logging into your Gmail account. To get detailed help on the Hangouts topic, you can contact the experts at Gmail Technical Support.

Sometimes, users find it difficult to understand the working and specifications of Hangouts so they want to revert back to their old chat. In that case, they are allowed to do so. Just follow these steps to perform the operation.
  • ·        Login your account first and get to the Hangouts tab.
  • ·         Click on the little drop icon next to your name.
  • ·         In the pop-up menu, scroll to the bottom to find ‘Sign Out’.
  • ·         Click on it to sign out of Hangouts.
  • ·         Now you will see the ‘Revert to old chat’ option at the bottom.
  • ·         Click on it and verify that you want to revert to old chat.
  • ·         Wait for the page to refresh and you will now be allowed to use the old chat facility.

In case you want to use Hangouts later, you can easily do that by following the same procedure and choosing ‘Try new Google Hangouts’ on the 5th step. Dial Gmail Phone Number and talk to the experts if you need more help.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Learn To Add Signature to Your Mails with the Help of Gmail Customer Care

Adding a signature to your Gmail account is good for business purposes. When you choose to add a signature to your account, you don’t need to put your name on every Email you send. Your mails will automatically carry your signature with them. Gmail Customer Care is available to guide you with the entire process of enabling a signature to your account.

Let us take a look at the following steps:
  • Login your desired account with your username and password. The signature will be added to this account only.
  • Click the gear icon at the top right corner of the page and open ‘settings’.
  •   Scroll down to the Signature option. You will also find a drop menu and a text-box along with it.
  • Now type anything you like to add as a signature. You can change the color, font, size and style of you text to make it look more impressive but make sure you let it be clear and proper. Your signature should look professional so don’t make it distracting.
  • You can also link your other websites by clicking the ‘link’ icon at the top. Type the web address and link it with your signature.
  • You are now done and you can send mails with your signature with them.

If you use multiple accounts then create different signatures for different accounts. For any further help Gmail Contact Number to get a better understanding of the steps involved in adding a signature to your account. It’s good to take expert guidance as our certified technicians know their job very well.  

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Shut Down Your Gmail Account with Gmail Help

Though Gmail provides unlimited world class features and services to its users but still some might feel the necessity to shutdown his/her account. If you are one of them then relax because it’s completely possible. You can shutdown or delete your existing Gmail account easily. You can dial Gmail Toll- Free Helpline Number to get detailed maneuver from the tech geniuses or you can follow the below mentioned steps to perform the same operation on your own.

  • You have to login your account first before you begin to delete the account.
  • Use your username and password to access your account.
  • Now, when you are on your homepage, click on the ‘Google Apps’ icon at the top pane, left to the ‘Accounts’ button.
  • From the available icons, choose ‘My Account’. You will now be redirected to a new webpage.
  • On the My Accounts page, choose ‘Account Preferences’ at the right.
  • In the preferences tab, choose ‘Delete your account or services’ from the list.
  • You will be asked to enter your account password to continue.
  •  Acknowledge your decision to finally shut-down or delete your Gmail account permanently.

Once you delete your account permanently, you will no longer be able to operate it. You should backup your data and forward your incoming mails to a new address before you shut down your account permanently. You should consider taking Gmail Help in case you are stumped with any trouble or serious issue.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Learn Top 5 Security Settings via Gmail Support

Gmail is always promised to enhancing the security settings by adding more and more security features or methods. But only a few of the Gmail use are aware of. So, to explore it to the fullest extent you must need an instant supporting hand that can give a quality and quick assistance in an effective and user-friendly way. Contact Gmail Support anytime rounds the clock for the effective resolution.

Let us take a look at the following key securities using settings gear button:
·         Make settings on Gmail Password: Enable two-step verification on your Gmail login page that adds up an extra layer of security with your Gmail account.
·         Checking the ‘granted account access’:
§  Click on the ‘settings’ gear icon then click on the settings option at the top-right of the Gmail page.
§  Click on ‘the account and imports’.
§  Click on the grant access to your account. Through this, you can know about any of the suspicious or unauthorized account accessing witnessing.
·         Checking the Filter: Through filter, any unauthorized person can access in a backdoor way. So, block the filter which you feel is suspicious or unauthorized accessing points.  
·         Checking the ‘forwarding and POP/IMAP’:  Through this security setting, you come to know about the foreigner forwarding address that can be the security threatening for your Gmail account.
·         Use revoke access for any suspicious applications: If you find any application suspicious or intrusive then click on the revoke access to get to know about it in detailing. 

In case you encounter any hurdles or inconveniences related to the above-mentioned points or regarding Gmail then contact us on our Gmail Customer Support Number anytime round the clock.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Enable POP to Backup Your Gmail Account with Gmail Support@1-877-776-6261 Number

Your Gmail account carries a lot of information for you like your bank statements, passwords, university grades, reports and lots more. It’s completely possible that any of your information gets wiped out from over there. Thousands of Gmail users are experiencing the same issue so it may trouble you also. If you are threatened about your account information safety then you should download your entire data to your hard drive so as to keep it safe. You can take detailed assistance from Gmail Support on the topic as the experts can guide you better.

There are many ways to download a copy of your data; you can choose any of them. You can use any of the apps available in the market for the purpose or you can download and install any Google extension to backup your data. Here, you will be provided with two of the most effective methods to do that. Go through the below description to learn them.


You can enable POP to sync your account to your hard drive. Once you do so, all of the mails you receive will automatically be downloaded to your hard drive. You can easily enable the feature in your account with just some clicks. Have a look at the steps below to perform the operation on your own.

  • Begin by logging into your account.
  • Click on the little gear icon at the top right corner of the page. It can be found on any page on    your account.
  • Open ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Mail Settings’ from the list.
  • Look for the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab.
  • Click ‘Enable POP for all Mail’.
  • Click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom.
  • After you perform the operation and account is synced, you have to periodically check your account and backup your data.

If you find any difficulty or problem in any step of the above operation then immediately call Gmail Tech Support Number and ask for help.


There are various third-party assistance providers in the market to help you on any topic regarding Gmail. You can take assistance from the experts anytime as they serve their customers for 24 hours. Take expert help is the best option because you can even get tips and hacks to enhance the performance of your account. Choose Gmail Technical Support to quench your thirst.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Turn Mobile Notifications On or Off With Gmail Helpline@1-877-776-6261 Number

Are you using Gmail on your phone? Well, it always feels great to carry your Gmail account always with you, in your hands. It allows you to receive E-mails urgently and respond to them accordingly. Because of the ease of its services, Gmail has managed its position among the top free web mail service providers in the market.
You can toggle off your Gmail mobile notification function easily if you feel irritated with your continuously ringing mobile notification tone. Take help from Gmail Helpline for the issue as the experts can guide you better. 

You can also learn the step by step procedure by going through the below maneuver.
On Your Android Mobile
µ      Tap the Gmail app on your mobile to open it.
µ      Hit the settings icon and choose ‘Settings’.
µ      Select your Gmail account to continue.
    Check the box next to notifications to ‘Turn ON’ the notifications.
    Uncheck the box to ‘Turn OFF’ notifications.
µ      Check the notifications box and go to ‘Inbox Sound & Vibrate’.
µ      Choose your notification settings accordingly and tap ‘Save’.
µ      If you are still unable to get notifications on your mobile, make sure your account is synced to your device.
On Your Apple Device
µ      Tap to open the Gmail app.
µ      Find the ‘Settings’ icon at the top.
µ      Scroll through the bottom to find ‘Settings’.
µ      Choose your account by tapping on it.
µ      Get to the ‘Notifications’ section and select your choices.
µ      ‘Save’ the settings you made to finalize.

If you face any problem in any step of the operation, you can contact Gmail Help and ask the experts.